AGBU ATLAS is a global access point delivering a collection of

innovative multimedia educational tools to foster and promote the

learning of Armenian language, history, and culture.



Electronic Learning Resource Center

This virtual hub of information disseminates information and promotes the Armenian heritage to Armenians and non-Armenians worldwide, addressing the varying needs of a global network of users. This electronic learning resource center serves as a platform for audiences of all ages and ranges from apps, e-books, podcasts, and audio files to educational videos, websites, and online courses.

AGBU E-Sources

AGBU continues to invest in educational resources bringing Armenian history and culture to live with the use of technology.  Creating innovative tools to excite and encourage learners of all ages we offer online classes, apps, e-books, travel tools, a web video series. In addition, our Armenian Virtual College (AVC) is ready to work with your local Armenian day or weekend school to infuse AVC resources into classrooms.

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