Armenian - Western Armenian Alphabet

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Eng, Fr, Արմ

Armenian is a branch in the Indo-European family tree of languages. It is the official language of the country of Armenia, a former constituent of the Soviet Union. The alphabet was invented by the learned monk Mesrob Mashtots in the early 400s. Having become the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a national religion in 301 AD, Armenia sought its own writing system to help consolidate its identity and express the word of God. Two variants of Armenian developed over time so as to bring the written language closer to the vernacular: Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian. The alphabet is the same for both, however they differ in grammar, some vocabulary, and pronunciation. This podcast offers a small taste of Western Armenian and invites you to explore the language and culture. In these podcast videos a Wacom tablet and screen capture software were used to demonstrate how handwritten letters are produced.