Armenian Books

Eng, Արլ, Արմ

Armenian Books introduces 150 digitalized works of Armenian classics of 20th century. The works comprised in the application are solely in Armenian, moreover, they are categorized in prose, versicular and tales literary genres. The first unpaid section includes “David of Sasun” (Sasuntzi Davith), Armenian folk heroic romance, as well as the famous novel “Chaos” by Aleksander Shirvanzade. The user will get the whole package of the compositions for a onetime fee. The package includes the masterpieces of Raffi, Muratsan, Nar-Dos and other authors, as well as the tales by Hovhannes Toumanian, Atabek Khnkoyan, Ghazaros Aghayan, etc.

The application contains several settings, thus allowing the reader to adjust the text the way they desire.