Dino Lingo: Armenian Online Lessons and Games for Kids

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Dino Lingo Armenian for kids is a fun way to learn Eastern Armenian for kids, toddlers and school age children 2 to 12 years old, we teach kids Armenian through fun video lessons, games, printable worksheets, flashcards and more. How it works:

The child’s attention is captivated by using all the senses with cute dinosaurs, colorful animations and music, professionally designed and engineered specifically to build the foundations for foreign language learning. Throughout the Dino Lingo program, Armenian learning tools and resources are presented in an age appropriate and fun way.

By creating a rich and enticing learning environment, kids will soon start the organic process of learning Armenian language. Integrating repetition technique will boost a child’s confidence and engagement with each Armenian activity. Strategically planned interval recalls tap into and trigger memory development that helps children to speak Armenian.

Dino Lingo employs the total immersion method which allows children immerse themselves in the Armenian learning process right away. By immediately capturing their attention and utilizing repetition and quiz techniques, children are encouraged and excited to speak Armenian immediately which is ideal for all beginners.