Dzmer Papi Nvernery LITE

Eng, Արլ

Magic app with Santa’s gifts and fairy tales invites your child to Santa Claus’ world. Your youngster will see how he lives, listen to his favorite tales and order a gift.

In the special section, kids can send letters to Santa and choose presents. Moreover, the miracle will come in the blink of an eye! The response package comes very quickly! 

In the app you can also find 5 fables from Santa Claus that you can listen to as bedtime stories or during the day. Your child together with Santa’s friends will learn how to make handmade Christmas decorations and will learn to not be lazy and to be a true friend.

Kind and cute illustrations, excellent audio-tales in three languages, magic Christmas music and many colorful animations on each page make you feel you are watching and creating your favorite Christmas cartoon that gives the feeling of presence in a fairy tale and anticipation of Christmas miracle.


  • Five animated audio-tales with fables about favorite creatures;
  • Colorful illustrations revived thanks to the wonders of animation on each slide;
  • A special game – write a letter to Santa Claus and get a gift, a possibility to choose one out of 12 unusual gifts;
  • 12 animated gifts you can play with in the playroom;
  • Magical music that creates a Christmas mood;
  • The text fully dubbed by actor Gurgen Antonyan.

*Please note that the LITE version of the app is free to download but has some limitations.