World of Colors/Kouynerou Ashkhar (Lalan ou Aran)

Արմ, Eng

Kouynerou Ashkhar is a colorful educational game teaching Armenian through colors, shapes, numbers and more. 

The game features Lala and Ara, two main characters who will guide children as young as three years old through the various levels of the application.

Choosing one of the 10 basic colour of the game, the child will have a choice of 4 games in every colour, each one contributing to the development of his memory, concentration, logic and language skills. Moreover, the games encourage children’s creativity, imagination and multitasking abilities.


  • Eastern & Western Armenian
  • FREE for limited period of time!
  • Two adorable characters Lala and Ara, guide the children through the levels
  • 10 basic colours to choose from
  • Over 40 Games!
  • Amazing Armenian Voice overs and sound effects
  • Each game contributes to the development of memory, logic, concentration & language skills
  • The game encourages also creativity, imagination & multitasking abilities
  • Digital stickers rewards system
  • Interactive animations