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“World of Shapes” has two main characters, Lala and Ara, who accompany players aged three and up through the game and give them instructions to complete its various phases.

At the outset of the game, the child selects one of the main eight shapes and plays four games in that shape. These games help the child to learn the eight basic shapes, and they foster the child’s ability to distinguish them. Moreover, they cultivate the child’s aesthetic taste, sharpen visual focus skills, and expand span of attention. Finally, by recognizing the geometry of shapes, the child will improve his or her geometric vocabulary.


  • Two adorable characters Lala and Ara will guide the children through the levels.
  • 8 basic shapes to choose from.
  • An interactive and animated introductions for each shape.
  • Over 20 Incredible games with 3 difficulty degrees (easy, medium, hard),
  • Amazing, Armenian Voice overs and sound effects.
  • Each game of “Lalan ou Aran” contributes to the development of memory, logic, concentration & language skills.
  • The game encourages also creativity, imagination & multitasking abilities.
  • Available in both Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian.
  • Interactive animations.